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Watery Skies

The seventh of my water poems, in the style of Spoken Word -- which I'm calling Word Art for my work -- shares how I wonder about life "out there", on other planets in other galaxies and universes. How will the water conditions on Earth impact life?

Kit's performance of Watery Skies

When I look up into the skies at night, I not only see the billions and billions of twinkling stars, but I also see the homes of other life forms.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
What are Water relationships like out there?
Is access to clean, fresh Water an issue on other planets in other galaxies and universes?
Scientists gauge the presence of Water as a sign of life on planets.
But do scientists evaluate the freshness of that Water too?
How I wonder what you are....
Mars has remnants of surface Water, and someday life forms may be found.
But it's not a planet I would want to live on.
Will Earth ever go the way of Mars and be reduced to remnants of surface Water and remnants of some life form?
Up above the world so high....
With most of the Earth covered by Water it seems unlikely that Water will disappear completely, even with the worst of our abuse.
But, our Water could be as useful as Mars' dust, if we aren't careful with it.
Mars is known as the Red Planet because of its red, dusty surface.
Like a diamond in the sky....
Earth is known as the Blue Planet because of its blue, watery surface.
Are we going to preserve that poetic name by creating a healthy relationship with Water?
Or, are we going to be known by other life forms in other times as the Murky Planet, or the Black Planet, because of the condition of our vast bodies of Water?
Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

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