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Water, The Sculptor

The third in my collection of poems about water covers the artistic and breathtaking results of water's efforts.

Kit's performance of Water, The Sculptor

Water boasts carving as one of its many talents.
Its reputation as a stone sculptor is an aspect of water's subtle movements I've come to appreciate through the years.
Have you seen the graceful arches, meandering deep canyons, or statuesque monuments?
I am swept away by the shapes molded and polished by this powerful force.
My sculptor has, through the eons, carved sandstone and granite for my pleasure today.
It has dripped slowly and quietly to build columns and to hollow caves.
Like so many artists through the ages, Water won't be appreciated for its value until after it's gone, until it's too late.
How can we keep overlooking that precious genius and artistry of Water? When will we appreciate its slow, methodic ways?
Will it perish like Michelangelo and da Vinci, leaving only its masterpieces – which erode with time?
I bemoan the loss of this sculptor and its ongoing masterpieces.
I weep that others don't cherish Water's power, its artistry, or various accomplishments.
What else can carve like that?

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