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Water Relationships

My eight water poem shares how I treat water like a partner in my life, how important it is to me. How important it is to you. "We ALL live downstream", as I was reminded by Garth Lenz in his TED talk about the devastation that projects like the Keystone Pipeline cause. We all deserve great relationships with water.

Kit's performance of Water Relationships

Relationships are not always easy. This one I have with Water is no different.
I feel the commitment is vital though, so I persevere.
Preserving Water and protecting it from waste and abuse are my life.
In exchange for my care, my partner will continue to nurture me, heart and soul.
Learning is a continuous part of any relationship, and no less so for mine with Water.
What more can I do? How can I serve Water even better?
I'll cherish the mystery, beauty and power of Water, along with its delicate nature, for the rest of my life.
We'll waltz round and round, encouraging others to dance with us.
Making our steps fluid and gentle, round and round we'll continue.
Moving through the years, across the lands, dancing round and round together, and with others.
You keep sculpting, moving, nourishing and courting me, dear Water, and keep supporting life around the globe.
I'll keep singing your virtue and value to others.
Let's find new dances and continue our long courtship.

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