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Water Holes

The second in my collection of poems about water takes a personal look at one aspect of what water means to me.

Kit's performance of Water Holes

Water Holes

Swimming is my life-long passion and has connected me to Water in a very special, personal way.
My mom made sure I knew how to swim starting by the age of two. Good thing, since I lived in the water as a kid!
Swan dives off the high board and tea parties at the bottom of the pool, catching crawmdads, polywogs, and snapping turtles, swim team and swim meets, laps for exercise, teaching other kids how to swim -- that's how I lived in the water.
Blood shot eyes and chlorine-bleached hair were sign of water-living I wore as a badge of honor.
I loved swimming so much, I used to tell people I was a dolphin in a previous life, but I'm a beached dolphin today.
Chlorinated pools make me sick -- I mean physically sick. Swimming pools are poison to me!
I only swim in natural bodies of water toady, as long as they aren't polluted.
Many rivers are too diseased to swim in, some ocean water is oil tainted, and there are bodies of water that are obstructed with polluting trash and debris; have you seen some of our waterways? Ick!
Now, consider the plight of aquatic life like fish, pelicans, shrimp, whales, and plants that can't avoid dirty water since it's their home. They suffer directly from our thoughtlessness and indiscretions with water. Even more that we do.
My time in chemically treated pools finally caught up with me in my Water relationship; I am now sensitive like a coal mining canary.
When you see me collapse to the bottom of my cage take it as a warning that all living creatures are in trouble, even you.

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