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Water Abuse

This sixth of my water poems covers my feelings about how we over use water. We have come to rely on water for so many diverse needs that we have interrupted its natural cycle. That interruption is causing us problems today.

Kit's performance of Water Abuse

Others have love affairs with Water, too; I'm not the only one.
But many of those affairs strike me as unhealthy, possessive, even abusive at times.
Not all of them, mind you; But lots of people misuse Water, that loyal, selfless partner.
Rivers are dammed to create lakes.
Water gets locked up to form aquatic playgrounds.
Some Water is kidnapped to quench the thirst of distant populations.
Other Water is held hostage so people can grow crops where they couldn't normally.
And, there's Water that's put into slavery for electric generation, hindering the connection Water has with plants, fish, and other animals.
Buildings, parking lots, and roads are built covering so much of the ground they channel storm run off, impact water absorption, and interfere with the refilling of the earth's aquifers.
See what I mean about unhealthy love affairs?
All of this interrupts Water's style, its natural cycle -- falling to the ground, flowing to the sea, seeping into the earth, and evaporating back into the sky.
It's vital to keep water cycling naturally by reducing humanity's reliance and tight hold on it.
Our children deserve a chance to have a love affair – with clean Water.

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