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Walking My Talk

What an interesting spinning of lessons and reminders I've had in the past week or so. Those lessons and reminders may have always been there, but I happened to pay attention today. Have you experienced that kind of refocusing or redirection in your life?

WeGetGreener.com (WGG) was created just to chronicle my path of greening my life. My Bigger Half's path parallels mine sometimes, so he sometimes has his life greened too, and you are "privileged" to hear about that. My feeling is that my path is mine alone, as your path is yours alone. 

WGG gives us the means to share our experiences, ask questions, challenge action/choices, and ponder the big picture together. I don't intend to lecture anyone, though I think I have slipped into that at times. Sorry about that. While I love my decisions for me, my decisions aren't necessarily right for you. Remember our different paths? LOL!  :~D

One thing I have long recognized is that much of my environmental attitude comes from an inner knowing, not just from "facts" provided by others -- though I use those facts to try to better understand, and then share or educate. That basic understanding or knowing of mine sometimes makes it difficult for me to comprehend others' confusion or rejection of some issues.

I don't mean to sound judgmental or righteous, I'm just baffled. In my awe I don't understand how others can't see the "obvious". Ah, because we are each or on or own paths!

I have heard that pollution in one location ultimately impacts other locations. We see that with trash, and air and water quality too. We tend to not see the connection with issues like water supplies and oil reserves, though.

The InspireMeToday post today, by Jonathan Ellerby, was about the Oneness. This is the energy source Einstein was trying to prove -- though he called it the unified field theory, and famous quantum physicists (Arthur Eddington, David Bohm, and Max Planck, for example) were convinced it existed at the cellular and nuclear levels. Ellerby goes on to connect this concept to ecologists' and environmentalists' beliefs in The Oneness. Their theories include that what we do to other beings we do to ourselves.

Maybe that's related to my "inner knowing" and my way of living as lightly as I can. For me, being an environmentalist and conservationist is part of being a good person. Just as I wouldn't intentionally hurt another person, I wouldn't intentionally hurt the planet or its beings.

For my part, I'll continue to share my thoughts about my path as we get greener. Hopefully you'll enjoy my journey and participate in conversation, and maybe you'll expand your knowing and action from things you learned here. 

I'm going to get back to expanding my understanding and knowing, and walking my talk.

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