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Trash or Treasure?

More environmental poetry in my Word Art style, taken from Spoken Word or Slam Poetry. My hope is to inspire environmental action by sharing my reactions through poetry. Can you find ways to reduce your consumption so that you can reduce your trash generation, and without reducing your lifestyle? Then, can you find ways to recycle and repurpose your trash? I feel those two steps are possible, and are important ways of walking gently on the earth.

From a distance I see paths of bright colors, sparkling objects, and interesting textures.
Mounds of shapes and colors and different sizes.
Little deposits of unusual-looking treasures scattered along my path.
These colors, shapes and textures intrigue and amuse me.
As I near, though, I realize — it’s an illusion!
I now see it’s trash that's abusing me — strewn around and piled together.
The change of perception has me wondering if these items are junk or treasures.
Rejects from peoples' lives, left for me to see, to clean up, to be reviled by, instead of being reused, recycled, or repurposed.
Living in a disposable society, people throw so much stuff away – too much is thrown away.
With a little thought, much can be fixed or given to someone else who can use it.
Heedlessly we dispose of items that spill all over, or lie heaped and useless in the dump — like lifeless bodies in the killing fields or in mass graves
They seem used up to you, but often seem barely tapped to me.
Beer bottles, soda cans, and newspapers litter fields, streets, and parking lots.
Clothes, games, and furniture, phones, computers, and appliances.
Tires, cars and even buses collect on country roads and in landfills, legally or on the sly.
Food scraps and waste, into the sewer system or landfills, instead of into a compost pile or farmer’s livestock fodder.
There must be a better way to reduce or reuse these rejected items.
Rethink this for a moment. Can someone use something you are throwing away?
Bottles can be a new “canvas” to artists.
Empty containers can turn into new containers, or other glass, plastic, cardboard, wood, and metal items.
Your castoff clothes might be appreciated by less fortunate people.
Elements of old technology can be reclaimed for new uses.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Rethink — there are many better ways than tossing it out.
What a waste! What a crime.
Billowing smoke destroying the evidence of unwanted goods, like a Nazi death camp, polluting the air we breathe.
Barges of trash circling Manhattan. Disgusting!
Pepperings of trash in waterways which endangers vegetation, wildlife, and people too. Ouch!
Piles and bins of refuse overflowing city gutters and alleys. Vile!
Trains of debris heading west to “empty” canyons. Huh?
Those canyons aren't empty for our use as trash disposal.
Treat the planet like your own backyard, and don't trash it.
Enjoy the wonders of an untainted environment with pristine canyons and clean waterways.
Treat everything like a treasure — don’t waste anything.
There’s value in everything you buy, from the packaging to the items themselves. Some things have obvious value, others have hidden value, but it all has value. Don’t underestimate it.
Buy less, Recycle more, Reuse and Repurpose as much as possible.
It’s time to Rethink our trash habit

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Pardon me while I brag. In 2011 my church gathered over 19.2 tons of paper product and turned it over to a collector who insists it be reused properly. Thus far in 2012 we've collected and turned over 2/3 of that and average a ton a week in new collection. I project 37 tons collected by year end. We are a very small church with barely 120 members. If we and the immediate community can do this, what can a larger organization do if they get "on the ball"??

Paul Hopper at May 24, 2012 6:59 PM
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