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Small Footprint Living

I did it. We (My Bigger Half and I) did it. Natural Home magazine has talked about it. And now Tesco, the UK supermarket giant, is promoting it. Living in tiny homes, homes with eco footprints.

Some of the tiny homes I've seen can't really be called houses, but if home is where the heart is, the tiny structures are becoming increasingly popular. My first tiny home was a 400 square foot condo. It was perfect for me! I was young, wanted to keep my expenses low, and didn't need much space.

We lived in a 307 "round foot" yurt (don't you think round buildings have round-feet instead of square feet?) for the nine months our house was being built. Let me correct myself: we lived and worked in that 307 "round foot" space for those nine months. It was wonderful. There are times I rue having expanded back into 2,000 square feet. I'd do it again, at least as a living space without office.

Natural Home ran an article awhile back about small homes. What a kick it was to read about the creativity people use to live simply. My memory tells me one tiny home fit the back of a pick-up bed; now that is tiny!

I love the concept of tiny and small homes because of their environmentally friendly aspects. They are environmentally sensitive and sustainable because they:

  • use minimal resources for construction
  • encourage minimal "stuff", saving resources
  • support water conservation
  • don't scar as much, if any, land
  • can be readily made from recycled materials
  • conserve finances
  • reduce construction waste
  • quick to build
  • energy efficient

  • And on top of all of that they are clever, creative and cute.

A friend recently sent me the link to the Tesco article* about their DIY flatpack log cabin. The log cabin is just under 540 square feet and is loaded with windows and a French door. It's an expensive way to go and Tesco says it's not intended for habitation. What?

The plethora of sites for tiny homes surprised me. And pleased me. Looking to downsize? Wanting a vacation home? Consider a tiny home. It would be environmentally friendly with it's small footprint. Is small footprint living for you?

Here's the Tesco article on their DIY small log cabin structure.



I agree with you entirely about small footprint living or, as Laren Corie, one of the foremost designers of such houses calls them, "Little Houses".

I'm currently living in a 640 square foot house and it's all the room I need for daily living. I do wish I had a separate shop building though!


Larry D Barr at August 11, 2010 9:56 PM


Would it be safe to guess that you wish your shop would be as big as your house? LOL! Sometimes our hobbies take more space than our living spaces do.


Kit Cassingham at August 12, 2010 3:00 PM
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