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Save Our Water

The first of eight poems, in the spoken word style, about Water

I feel water is our most precious and endangered resource. My collection of eight poems is intended to inspire change in people's attitude about, and use of, water to preserve it as the treasure it is in our lives.

Kit's performance of Save Our Water

Water and I have a long standing courtship, enhanced through dance.
We intimately rumba back and forth between abundance and scarcity.
And we turn round and round with fluid care.
We've treasured and nurtured each other for my entire life, with a few misguided steps on my part along the way.
Living in the arid west most of my life has strained our relationship at times, each of us wanting something different from the other.
But even when I lived in the moist Northeast and the wet Northwest I felt Water was an endangered species
And it left me wondering who was campaigning to "Save Our Water!".
Water rationing is a way of life when it's critical in arid Oklahoma, and in wet Washington.
Why isn't it a way of life everywhere, any time, to avoid crisis?
Does it make sense to expend energy and resources to clean water that is going to irrigate our lawns or wash our sidewalks and drives?
Or, does it make more sense to reduce our need for water on luxuries like long steamy showers and sparkling clean cars, and take the step to save clean water for drinking and cooking, and washing our babies?

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Home run, Kit! Thank you for the message. I absolutely agree!

Terry at November 4, 2011 2:35 PM

Interesting how much your experience jives with mine. Living in l.A. most of my life where almost all water was stolen from the less powerful parts of the state, I and other Angelenos vacillate between drought and ignoring the obvious. Thank you for the reminder.

Stormy Knight at November 10, 2011 4:55 PM

Hey Kit I liked your poem and agree water is our most important resource. It's not going to be wars or money that brings down society, it will be lack of drinkable water. I remember hearing we polluted our last clean river a decade or so ago. Air, food and water, lose just one and even the ultra rich will die. Sorry got off on a rant.

Take care

butch holland at December 4, 2011 6:43 PM

I'm not a good analyst of poetry, but I sure appreciate your vocalization of the sentiment. Waste for the sheer sake of vanity is narcissism of the extreme, and it's sad that so much of America is guilty of such narcissism. HomeOwner Associations that actually penalize you for not wasting enough water, even in drought-stricken areas. Courts that don't want to be involved in such disputes because "those are private affairs." Nothing private about everybody's water being wasted.

Mike from Dallas at December 6, 2011 8:15 PM
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