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How do I Travel Green?

My husband and I love to travel. We have a small trailer we pull and we also travel with our sailboat, and we like to travel overseas. How can we green our traveling? We are not willing to give it up and stay in a small radius around where we live. -Elizabeth


I love to travel too, though I tend to stay in hotels, green hotels when I can, rather than travel by camper. And I sure don't advocate people live in a cave to be environmentally "correct" or sensitive. That, by the way, has an environmental impact too. Green vacations don't have to mean "cheap travel" either.

Your question is a really good. There are lots of ways to travel green. Here are a handful of ideas, ones that may spur further ideas for yourself and your travel situation.

  • travel light
  • take travel-size toiletries with you, dispensing into reusable containers from larger ones that you leave at home
  • pack carefully, carrying only the clothes you really need
  • eat locally sourced, organic food
  • if eating at "to go" places, take only as many napkins, condiments and utensils as you need
  • avoid styrofoam items (clam shells, coffee cups, plates/bowls, etc), using your own durable items as much as possible
  • use mass transit as much as possible, or ride a bike or walk when feasible
  • drive an energy efficient vehicle when possible
  • recycle
  • choose green hotels
    • turn off electric items (TV, lights, computer) when you leave the room, or those items you aren't using
    • ask to not have a newspaper delivered if you don't read it
    • use your toiletries, not the individually packaged one the hotel provides
    • create your own sheet & towel reuse program if the hotel doesn't have one, or doesn't honor the stated one

I hope that helps. Whether you are looking for cheap vacations, or luxury vacations, travel vacations are good for the soul. Vacations, and travel of any kind, makes the world a better place because it exposes us to other ways of thinking and living. That makes us more compassionate. See the world, travel America, and take your green habits with you.

The most complete green hotel directory I know of is Environmentally Friendly Hotels.

The directory with the greenest of the green hotels is The Best Green Hotels

For travel deals, check out Bargain Travel

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