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Household Water

The fourth of my water poems covers how you can conserve water at home. Home is where most people consume most of their water, so this is an important place to reduce your use of water.

Kit's performance of Household Water

I love water. We have quite the affair going.
Our affair includes the conservation of household water, as a first step.
We tango, Water and I, moving in seductive unison throughout the day.
Using water with care is my role in our dance.
Reduce, Reuses, Recycle, Rethink.
Water conserving fixtures and machines are one step in our duet.
I rethink my purchases, buying only what I need, because water is used in the process of making everything
Our dance almost climaxes with my recycling practice, which conserves water too.
And the promise of recycling water provided from the skies is an untapped aspect of our dance I long for.
Oh, to catch rain so I can use it before it goes back into the earth!
That would really let me perfect my tango with Water.
It would complete our affair.

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