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Growing Greenhouse Project

My greenhouse has been a great idea. I'm not only going to learn to grow wonderful vegetables year-round in it, but I'll also be able to share my lessons. I have a series brewing in my head about the development of my greenhouse, from the initial idea to fruition (if you'll enjoy and excuse the pun).

The first lesson I'm going to share is that they are more involved and expensive than you might initially think. Of course, that depends on just how big you plan to go. Mine is bigger than I initially thought of, but I think it's going to give me more of what I want.

So, just to tease you as you await the article series, here's a list of the items I've spent money on to develop my greenhouse.

  • moving the shed from its original office spot to its greenhouse spot
  • insulation to increase what it already had
  • plywood for a floor and for shutters
  • more concrete blocks to support the shed, and for steps
  • windows
  • light switch for extension cords
  • metal roofing for the skirt
  • custom flashing to help weatherproof the skirt
  • rubber "stones" for a pathway
  • galvanized water troughs to use as planters
  • more seeds
  • testing kit for dirt chemistry

That's in addition to the materials I already had, or were free, to contribute to the project:

  • shed
  • insulation
  • lumber for framing windows
  • barrels
  • roofing for three of the four sides of the shed skirt
  • extension cord
  • ceiling light with full spectrum bulbs
  • oil filled radiator heater
  • concrete blocks
  • compost and dirt
  • aged cow/goat manure
  • seeds
  • hose

So my greenhouse is bigger than what I initially set out to create, but it's going to be great in any weather condition we might have up here -- wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, moon, stars (I know, you didn't realize the sun/moon/stars were weather conditions -- but they are, or at least indicators), and more wind. Then there are the wildlife to contend with, that my garden and I'll be safe from.

I haven't added the expenses up yet, but I'm guessing my costs will be close to $2,000 to create my wonderful space. It's bigger than the row I'm working this summer, so theoretically I can grow more veges too. We'll see. Maybe I can sell some herbs to help defray some of the costs.

Now, my real learning curve begins. How to grow vegetables indoors. What garden seed to I buy? How do I pollinate the plants? How much water is enough, or not enough? What about light and ventilation?

You guys are going to learn so much! And without having to lift more than a finger to click "read". Pearls of wisdom welcome here. Please!

Documenting My Shed-To-Greenhouse Project

hand-operated 'tow truck' training wheels for hand operated tow truck
Moving the Shed to the Greenhouse Location.
leveling the shed on unlevel groundleveling the shed for squareness
Leveling the shed will keep the building square and solid.
windows to turn the shed into a greenhouseinsulation for greenhouse comfort
The windows, insulation and barrels for the heat-sink are intended to make the shed a great greenhouse.
increasing the greenhouse insulationproject supervisor
The extra insulation makes this a year-round greenhouse. The cat supervisor makes sure it's done right. :~)
it's almost a greenhouseinsulation and skirt for comfort
The shed is looking more like a greenhouse every day! Perimeter supports and insulated skirting being some of the last touches.
shutters for greenhousefinished greenhouse interior
The finishing touches for becoming a winterized greenhouse -- shutters and planters.
head on view of my greenhousefinished greenhouse exterior
It is truly a GREEN greenhouse, and now ready for planting.
holes in barrels make for a challenge when filling barrels with watercracked water barrels are hard to fill
Filling these barrels with water, to act as a heat-sink, was the last challenge and frustration in my Growing Greenhouse project.


So where are the pictures? We could learn a lot more if we could see your work . . .

Rezty Felty at August 2, 2010 3:50 PM


Thanks for asking about the photos. You are so right that they will be helpful.

I've been taking photos as we've gone, I just have been overwhelmed with getting the greenhouse ready for planting, and planted, to post pictures.

Stay tuned for an upcoming photo gallery, even a video maybe, of my big adventure with my greenhouse.


Kit Cassingham at August 2, 2010 4:48 PM
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