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Green Giants, Green Energy

My Bigger Half's May 24, 2010, issue of Newsweek has an article that caught my eye - Green Giants. It's about the next generation of skyscrapers that will not only be more energy conserving but also will generate their own green energy, their own sustainable energy. Renewable energy sources are vital to the livability of cities. How cool is that!

But what really caught my attention was one architect's vision and drawing of a skyscraper that is a wind turbine. My article about vertical axis windmills reflects just the beginning of what windmills can be in alternative energy resources. In this vision the entire building is the wind turbine.

It looks like a triple helix; three "fins" gently twisted together. And in my imagination and understanding of this vision at the edge of the fins are the blades for the vertical axis windmill, rotating around the building. effectively the axis of the turbine. It sorta looks like the conch-shaped turbine shown in one of the article links I shared in my previous article.

I think the concept is brilliant, sexy and very cutting edge! What a great way for a city building to be sustainable and make a positive contribution to it's neighborhood, community, and inhabitants! Green energy is only getting better, and this vision is an example of great things to come.

My vertical axis article: Green Energy, Electricity From Wind

A video of the simulation of some rotating skyscrapers, as envisioned by Dynamic Architecture:

And the architect's discussion of his ideas:

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