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Garden Water

The fifth of my water poems covers how you can be waterwise in the garden. Landscaping and agriculture can consume huge amounts of water, unnecessarily. Grow beautiful flowers and delicious food without wasting water.

Kit's performance of Household Water

Food is an part of my relationship with water.
Have I told you how much I like food? Especially from my garden? It is so much more fresh and delicious!
Garden fresh tomatoes, lettuce and berries, grass-fed beef and chicken, and eggs with dandelion-yellow yokes..... Mmmmmm, these are my delights.
My garden delights do consume Water - but not too much.
Eating locally grown, organic foods keeps me from abusing Water because of careful gardening techniques and reduced transportation efforts.
Water-wise landscaping is also done with pride – creating a tapestry of green leaves and flowers of pink, white, blue, and purple.
It's such a joy for me to grow delicious and beautiful plants with little to no water.
That's my idea of a gift that keeps on giving, and without taking -- nourishing those at my table, sustaining my soul, and nurturing my relationship to water in one loving gesture.
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