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Spoken Word, or Slam Poetry, inspired me to try environmental poetry as a way of inspiring environmental action. This is my way of sharing my reactions about the world I live in, that we live in. Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, says dogs best learn about their worlds, and communicate with each other, through their noses. And if a dog is out of touch with that sense it doesn't behave well. I think people are the same way, but there isn't a People Whisperer to remind them of that. We have let our air get so polluted with myriad man-made scents that we have lost touch with what clean really smells like. We have lost touch with warning smells that keep us safe, too. Try fragrance-free for a change -- of health and attitude about your world.

There’s little better than the clean smell of the air after a rain shower.
Other than maybe sunny days with lots of wholesome smelling air.
And thunderstorms! Oh, the freshness in air they create is divine.
Nature’s pure, clean, fresh air we can all agree is good.
But, it gets tricky after that because of preferences, histories, and allergies.
Me? I love lavender, lilac, sandalwood, Christmas trees, and wet loamy earth.
Those are of nature, but not to everyone’s liking.
Most people like air fresheners, scented candles and cleaners, fabric softeners, and perfume, but I can’t abide them!
Because of fond memories I love the smell of burning coal, but I can’t stand the stench of burning diesel.
I love pipe and cigar smoke, but not cigarette smoke. What’s up with that?!
While we’re at it, I choke on the smell of feed lots, be they homes to cows, pigs or chickens.
The aroma of brewing coffee makes my mouth water, but roasting coffee makes me choke.
Pumpkin pie and chocolate cake, mulling cider and spiced wine – they make my mouth water.
Licorice, candied fruit, and whiskey take my breath away – in an unpleasant way.
Honeysuckle, mock orange and freshly mown grass take me back to my childhood summers.
They take others to nowhere, or to their inhalers.
Summer memories come alive for me with fresh asphalt and gunpowder.
Those are the smells of amusement parks and Fourth of July! That’s also the smell of summer.
The scent of a freshly bathed baby is as good as a babys’ laugh.
Ok. How about the aroma of cooking bacon? Popping corn? Roasting turkey?
Now, how do moth balls sit with you in the odor department? Burning hair? Fresh paint?
Do beauty parlors, filled with perming solution and acrylic nail fumes please you?
We all have aromas we adore, and scents we abhor.
There are aromas that heal, and scents that harm.
What makes the difference in our reactions?
Why do my sinuses tingle in the soap aisle, or in candle stores?
Do you get a scratchy, hoarse throat when engulfed in faux potpourri vapors?
Why do some not mind being in clouds of perfumed cleaning products or beauty aides?
Is there a connection between the preponderance of fragranced products and the increase in asthma and other breathing problems?
Betcha there is. When will we know for sure? I hope before it’s too late.
Do you know people who can’t be in newly carpeted or painted rooms?
Are they vying for attention, or are they canaries in your life?
I’ll take spices, herbs, citrus, fresh flowers – natural aromas – any day over synthetic ones. Better yet, it’s time to open my windows for natural delights of sunshine, breezes, and rain-washed air to come into my life.
Join me in improving life and health by ridding the world of chemically-based scents.
You, and I, and the world will be better for it.


Funny, smart, truthful...bravo. I like your point of view.

Alanis Herdon at January 10, 2014 7:39 AM
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