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Dune Sand Architecture

While not all deserts have sand dunes, dune sand creates challenges to people of the desert in many areas of the world. Shifting sands impact trade routes, cities, and agriculture, just for starters. A TED talk I recently watched covered one interesting idea of how to control the spread of desert sand.

I don't have an answer, or even strong feelings one way or another on the subject, but I thought this venue was a good one for raising the topic for discussion. It impacts not only the creation and expansion of sand dunes, but also the way desert people live. What possibilities does this have for not only desert dwellers but other people on the planet?

Check it out, an 14 minute TED video about a

"Living Breathing Architecture", presented by Magnus Larsson. It seems to me there are many interesting lessons to be gleaned from this idea. Can architecture be applied to making a deserts viable homes for people and other living beings?

I love the concept of living, breathing buildings. I yearn for an organic home that becomes part of my landscape. Until this TED video I just hadn't thought about making my landscape into my organic home. Good food for thought.


Trisha in Texas sent me this private reply:
"Here on the Gulf we've experienced the exact opposite, erosion of the sand and dunes at our local beaches. A program was started a back in the early 80's to use discarded Christmas trees as sand catchers. The trees were collected by the garbage pick up guys or could be dropped off at the land fill. Then volunteers would take the trees out to the beach and they would be lined up (lengthwise tip to stump) along the dune edge of the beach. It seems to have done some good over the years. Where the beach was washing away 30 yrs ago, there is now plenty of beach to walk on and enjoy. It turned out to be a good way to recycle trees."

Interestingly, the mechanism for creating beach and delta dunes is the same as it is for desert dunes -- loss of vegetation and depositing sand. Your Christmas tree notion is a variation of what the architect in the article is talking about. Thanks for sharing your Gulf Coast dune experience.


Kit Cassingham at August 21, 2010 3:38 PM
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