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Compost for Starts

Finished compost isn't the same across the board I just learned. When we lived in Boulder the results of the compost pile were a lovely dirt-like loam. I figured that's what I'd get out of my worm bins. Wrong!

What I have is indeed lovely, but it's not dirt-like. It's more sponge-like. That's great for adding to the soil I have which doesn't have much organic matter in it, but it wasn't the right choice for using to start my garden plants.

What I've found is that it's hard to manage the moisture content. When it dries it shrivels like a sponge does, and when it's wet it expands and holds water like a sponge does. When we were away for a week I watered my seeds, covered them with a dry cleaner's plastic bag, and closed the blinds; most seeds sprouted just fine and thrived. Whew!

Early Shots of My Start


Carrot Starts


Green Starts


My challenge since then has been to keep the mulchy material moist enough for the plants to grow without getting too wet so they rot. I'm getting pretty good at it, which is good. And the best part is that my starts go out into the garden tomorrow. Yeah! Then I only have about two months before I get the tasty eats.

What I'm going to do for the soil I'll use in my greenhouse is to treat it like soil remediation and mix the mulch and dirt (my clay soil is not plant friendly) so that I have a wonderful blend. Blending that concoction this summer is probably going to be a good idea.

Article about compost from my worm bins:

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