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Cleaning Tip For Your Bathtub and Shower

The Environmental Knuckled Dragger (TEKD) and my brother visit us every summer for at least a long weekend. Back in the days of having a housekeeper, even if she came only monthly, I never worried about how clean the house was for them. But now that I am the housekeeper, and don't always make my rounds as intended, I was a bit worried this year. And for good reason.

Several wolf spiders had taken up residence in one shower tub drain, and I needed to remove them before cleaning the tub. As I captured them to put them outdoors I realized the entire bottom of the tub was a cobweb. Since I had a microfiber dust mop with me -- and didn't want to touch the cobwebs -- I just gave a quick once over on the tub. It worked so well I just continued on the rest of the enclosure with great results. After getting the all the tubs mopped out I went back and spritzed them with vinegar water and wiped them down again with the damp mop, again a microfiber mop head. Beautiful!

Most of our bathtubs are only used when we have company so a deep cleaning isn't required monthly. Seems I'd skipped several months of cleaning the tub showers, and were they were dusty. As you may know, an acrylic tub shouldn't be cleaned with abrasive powders so I use either vinegar water or my Magic Kleaning Solution on them for deep cleaning. The beauty of having dusted them with my dry mop first is that they came so clean, and with no water and without creating wet, balled up dust bunnies.

I spent one to two minutes cleaning each of the shower tubs instead of five, and I didn't have to get on my hands and knees or bend over, saving my back. That's the kind of cleaning tip I enjoy. The energy savings (mine) and water savings were wonderful pluses too.

Our walk in shower was a slightly different story and approach. We use that shower regularly so dust wasn't its problem. Soap build up was the problem, especially on the glass walls (it was only a problem because I could see it better than I could on the tile).

For the glass I used my microfiber damp mop head, spritzed it with vinegar water and wiped. It came very clean with minimal effort, and without need of a ladder. Since I was in a hurry, and TEKD and my brother wouldn't spend any time in my bathroom I didn't worry about how to approach the tile cleaning, much less grout cleaning. I'll play with the mop on the tile to see if they come clean without ripping up my mop and report back with any cleaning tips I can share.

One tool, with one cleaning solution, took care of my floor, tub shower, and shower walls in a matter of minutes. When I was finished with the whole house the two mop head covers went into the wash (along with my microfiber cloths) to be cleaned for another day. That's the way to approach bathroom cleaning in specific and house cleaning in general.


For sink, tub or shower drains that are used infrequently, it's possible for the water in the P-trap to evaporate, leading to sewer gasses coming up out of the unused drains. The solution is to periodically pour some water down the drain (about a quart or two). Timing will vary according to your local humidity.

CatS at August 10, 2010 12:11 AM


Great point. Floor drains suffer the same fate, and are helped by the same remedy.


Kit Cassingham at August 12, 2010 2:41 PM
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