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Baby Gifts? Boppy Covers

What kind of new baby gift do you give a new mother? Not being a mother I used to be baffled by the question. Diapers, clothes, swaddling cloth, toys, car seats: what do you give? What makes for a great new baby gift?

Early on, back in the days when I lived in Boulder, even before I met My Bigger Half, I discovered the best store for baby gifts. PlayFair Toys saved the day for me. I couldn't help myself (you may read that as I couldn't decide), I bought two gifts for one girlfriend's new child. I bought a crib mobile that was black and white on one side and bright colors on the other, and I bought a boppy with boppy cover, ideal for home nursing.

I describe a boppy as a large, c-shaped pillow that the person in charge of feeding wears around their waist. It supports the arm holding the baby, and of course the baby, during the meal. Later, when the child is starting to sit a bit, the pillow can be used to support that effort too. It supports babies in a variety of ways, I'm gathering.

I've given boppy pillows to mothers-to-be for years. They used to come with a boppy cover included, but not anymore. When I bought my husband's assistant a boppy and cover for her first child I saw a cover design that I fell in love with. I decided my good friend, Lovely Lady, and I would make one for her.

Fabric has long been one of my favorite mediums. Some play in clay, others in paints, and some in photography or music. I play with fabric. Lovely Lady plays in paint and pencil. Our two skills and interests worked well together in the creation of these baby gifts.

As it turned out, we made three: one for My Bigger Half's assistant, one for Lovely Lady's granddaughter, and one for my childhood friend's grandson. Each one was increasingly more fun to do, a great feat since the first one was a blast!

We bought the various elements for these projects at different craft supply stores, as well as fabric stores. Arts/crafts are fun, partially because of the freedom to create, and the delightful and practical results.

First, let me show you what started this fun project.

The picture that spawned the boppy cover project
Boppy.com Dragonfly Boppy Cover Design
My inspiration: Minke fabric (aka "bumpy fabric") with petals and a dragonfly.

Here's your chance to see the three boppy pillow covers we made for three lucky babies.Each one is double-sided. This is for My Bigger Half's assistant's daughter.

Ladybug on a Flower
Ladybug on Flower Boppy Cover
Frog on a Lilypad

Frog on Lily Pad Boppy Cover

That was so much fun we went wild with the other two. Different materials were incorporated, and even a three dimensional touch. Lovely Lady drew the faces for the Giraffe/Bear boppy cover.

The Watermelon is for Lovely Lady's granddaughter. The Giraffe/Bear is for my childhood friend's grandson.

Watermelon Boppy Cover


Giraffe Boppy Cover


Boppy Cover of Bear


I have one more boppy cover in mind to make, I just don't have the newborn to make it for. I'll probably make it and wait for the lucky child to come along and claim it. Those parents will love having a custom boppy cover.


These are beautiful!! What a great gift for a new mom!! :)

Cynthia at July 3, 2010 4:57 AM
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