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A New Innovation -- Virtual Wine Tasting Club

I have long enjoyed wine. In college we drank Mateus when we were being "sophisticated", otherwise it was Annie Green Springs and other soda pop-like wines. Since then I've had jug wines, boxed wines, inexpensive wines, fruit wines, and expensive wines. Wines from around the world have crossed my lips and I have found there's a wine for every occasion.

Back in my Boulder days, before My Bigger Half, I discovered the joys of wine tasting parties. The first one I went to was a wine rep showcasing five different wives a specific winery made -- two white, two red, and a champagne. What an eye opening experience! It was so much fun my Ex and I decided to hold our own. We researched which wineries that offered the same sort of diversity, and then formed a wine party around it. We all had fun, and my quest began.

Wine Tasting Glasses
Set Up For A Wine Tasting
Wine Club Tastings

Next we started a wine tasting group. We invited two other couples to join us in learning about wine. It was so successful it grew from three couples to eight couples, which was way too big, far my taste. The last tasting I went to with that group was really an elaborate dinner with a wine an adjunct of the evening. It was time for me to move on because the learning I enjoyed had morphed into something else.

But now that My Bigger Half and I have a new life over on the other side of Colorado some of my old hobbies are wanting to be explored again. I'm sewing a bit more than I have in a few years, or is that in many years? I'm getting out and playing in the snow, like I used to do. And my interest in wine education is surfacing again.

I stirred up some women neighbors to join me in my wine education and we had three delightful evenings of eating delicious food and drinking wine, but there was very little education involved. We all had fun, but my yearning for learning and exploring wasn't satisfied.

Later I gathered several wine drinking friends to join me in my pursuit of learning about wine. We were good enough friend we used our wine tasting nights to gab and solve the world's problems. And again, my yearning to learn wasn't satisfied. Oh well, we had some good times.

But that nagging need to learn about wine kept nipping at me (ooh, nipping is an interesting choice of words here!) so I decided to try a different approach. A virtual wine tasting club. A frugal wine club at that.

My notion is that there are people out there who want to learn about wine, as I do, but don't necessarily have friends they can explore the nuances of wine with. And there are people who don't want to attend a wine tasting evening and then face the challenge of driving home. A virtual wine tasting club sounds like a great notion.

The way I saw it working was that "the group" would decide what wine to taste at the next tasting and show up with that wine -- be it a specific label or grape -- and talk about their reactions to the wine. Show up? Yep, show up online.

I'm using Skype, an internet-based phone communication, to talk with the people in the tasting. An added benefit is that Skype also has an instant messaging (IM) feature that lets people write their comments as they go. So we are getting each other's voices and written comments. I'm gathering the notes and combining them into an article I can post on the wine club website.

Along with tasting the wine we are exploring what foods compliment it, support it, improve it, or detract from it. I'm even experimenting with different shaped glasses to see what effect that has on the taste of the wine.

I'm loving this wine tasting approach and hope I can find enough people to join me to make it a more satisfying evening. Want to join me?

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